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pro membership
pro membership
Upgrade to a Pro Membership for advanced features and benefits for your pkmn.gg account!
Pro Membership Benefits
Unlimited Lists
Create unlimited custom lists of Pokémon cards, revolutionizing the way you organize, showcase, sell, trade, and share your treasured collection.
Unlimited Decks
Manage and customize unlimited decks to perfection, adjusting strategies, adding new cards, or fine-tuning existing ones.
Collection Filters & Sorting
Unlock a plethora of powerful sorting, searching, and organizing tools for your entire catalog of cards and your friend's collections!.
Custom Profile Banner
Unlock the option to upload a custom banner, upgrading your profile to become a dynamic canvas to showcase your Pokémon passion.
Pro Member Badge
Showcase your expertise and dedication like never before. Unlock the prestigious Pro Badge, a symbol of proficiency and commitment.
8 Showcase Cards
Double your showcase capacity, allowing you to spotlight an even more diverse and impressive collection of Pokémon cards on your profile.
Private Card Notes
A cherished moment from a battle or a reminder of how you obtained a rare find, Private Card Notes adds a new layer of personalization.
Pro Discord Role
Gain elite recognition as a valued member of our Discord community with a Pro Discord Role in the official pkmn.gg Discord Server.
Unlocks October 2026
3 Years of Total Collection Data
Analyze the evolution of your Pokémon card portfolio, trends, and values with a richer and more expansive perspective than ever before.
400 Card Lists
Double your List limits from 200 to 400 cards per List with Pro! Build and share your dream binders, arrangeable any way you like.
Graded Cards
Catalog the grading company, grade, certificate #, URL, and value of all your graded cards! We support PSA, BGS, CGC, and many others.
Stream Tools
Take your audience on the journey with you with live overlays that display your set progress, cards you need, recently collected cards, and more.
Early Access Features
You’ll gain Early Access to experimental features we’re working on.
*Early Access features may not work or be accessible at all times during Early Access.
More Coming Soon!
Your Pro Membership is about to get even more extraordinary – watch this space for the next level of features coming soon!
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pro membership
# of Lists
Create a custom List of Pokémon cards any way you’d like!
1 List
Unlimited Lists
# of Decks
Manage your Pokémon Decks and share with the community.
1 Deck
Unlimited Decks
Collection Filters & Sorting
Take full control over your entire collection with advanced filters and sorting.
Custom Profile Banner
Showcase your style with a custom banner on your profile.
Pro Member Website Badge
Represent the love of your hobby with the Pro Badge.
# of Showcase Cards
Display your favorite cards at the top of your profile.
4 Cards
8 Cards
Private Card Notes
Leave a private note on any card.
Pro Member Discord Role
Show at the top of our Discord list with the Pro Member Discord role.
Total Collection History
Go back in time to see your collection value history up to 3 Years with Pro!
1 Year
3 Years
Cards Per List
Build custom lists with more cards as a Pro.
200 Cards
400 Cards
Graded Cards
Keep track of cards you've graded, their value, and more with Pro.
Stream Tools
A suite of tools to make your stream experience even more fun and engaging!
Early Access
Gain early access to some features before anyone else and help shape the future of pkmn.gg.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the price of a Pro Membership and what are the benefits?

For only $5 a month or $50 a year, a pkmn.gg Pro Membership unlocks several benefits that create a better collecting and play experience including:

  • Unlimited Custom Lists
  • Unlimited Decks
  • Collection Filters & Sorting
  • Graded Cards
  • Stream Tools
  • Pro Badge + Discord Role
  • Custom Profile Banner
  • Private Card Notes
  • and much more
If I get a Pro Membership on the website, does it work across apps as well?
Yes, your pkmn.gg Pro Membership will work across all devices and apps.
When do I receive the Pro benefits on my account?
The moment your subscription is activated, you’ll have access to all Pro Membership benefits.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and China UnionPay payments as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash App.
Can I cancel my Pro Membership?
Yes, you may cancel your Pro Membership at any time via our website pkmn.gg — simply visit your account settings and click on the “Manage Plan” button to cancel your membership.
What happens if my Pro Membership is canceled?
When your membership is fully cancelled, you will lose access to Pro benefits including unlimited lists, decks, graded cards, private card notes, and other benefits listed above. You will be able to select one list and deck you’ve created to continue using. All other decks, lists, graded cards, private card notes, etc. will still be saved to your account in the event you wish to re-activate your Pro Membership and gain access to them again.
Can I transfer my Pro Membership from one account to another?
No, at this time Pro Memberships are tied to one account and are not transferrable.
Do I need a pkmn.gg account for a Pro Membership
Yes, an account is required in order to purchase a Pro Membership.
I purchased a Pro Membership — how do I get the Pro Discord Role?
If your Pro Membership is active and you have linked your Discord account to your pkmn.gg account, you can get the Pro Member role in our official Discord by typing /sync in any channel.
What if I have another question?
You can message us in our Discord or you can email hello@pkmn.gg for any other questions about our Pro Membership.
pro membership
pro membership
Upgrade to a Pro Membership for advanced features and benefits for your pkmn.gg account!
Thank you to all of our Pro Members! Your support is greatly appreciated.