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The Best Pokémon Card Tracker & Deck Builder

Track your Pokémon card collection, Pokémon card prices, build your Pokémon decks, create custom lists, compare with friends, and much more.
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Collect, Track, and Level Up

From Base Set to Scarlet & Violet, pkmn.gg has every English Pokémon card out there to keep track of your collection.
  • Filter Sets by what you Have, Need, Duplicates, and sorting options
  • Watch your progress grow and Level Up as you add new cards
  • Track all variants of a card (reverse holofoil, special stamps, etc.)

The Ultimate Deck Builder

Build your Pokémon TCG decks like never before with advanced card filters, legal validation, and much more.
  • Automatic Deck Validation for Standard, Expanded, GLC, Unlimited
  • Export/Import with PTCGLive and one-click deck purchase
  • Test Hands quickly to see how your deck performs

Create Custom Lists of Cards

Lists allow you to curate, organize, and share your card collections, whether it's a Trade Binder, Wishlist, etc.
  • Sort, Filter, and Arrange your List any way you’d like
  • Share your List with anybody or keep it locked down as Private
  • Multiple List types to choose from including Dynamic & Static

Pokédex Powered by Your Cards

Capture your own Pokémon by collecting their cards and then Level Up your Pokémon by collecting more.
  • Click on a Pokémon to see their own page, stats, cards, and more
  • From 0001 to 1000+, our Pokédex includes every Pokémon
  • Capture enough to unlock the Shiny version of your Pokémon

Join a Community of Thousands

Create and customize your own profile, showcase your favorite cards, and see your total estimated collection value.
  • Friend system to connect you with others in the hobby
  • Customize your avatar, banner, bio, showcase cards, and more
  • Gain a Trainer Level for every 10 unique cards you collect

Pokémon Card Price Tracking

We’re partnered with TCGplayer to bring you same-day pricing on every card, variant, and your total collection value.
  • View pricing and trends on any card to see market fluctuation
  • Go back in time and see how your collection value has changed
  • If you wish, pricing can be disabled in your account settings